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Please leave a comment on this page if you would like to send some love to the Tso Family in this time of healing! All comments will be moderated before being added, please have patience.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you ALL my love (and socks!) so that your hearts may again find happiness and freedom because your love for Zaadii will rid the world of careless drivers people will listen to your cause and they will act. I met you guys for only a few hours but it was some of the best hours ever! I made 2 AMAZING friends and can’t wait to see you again someday soon! When I was 8 my older sister and role model was in a car accident. She broke her neck in 2 places and suffered serious head injuries. She was in a coma for months. Luckily she survived but with severe physical and emotional challenges for her and my family. I can’t say I feel your pain or I know how you’re feeling but I can say I understand the desperation of wanting everyone to drive safe and mindfully because it’s not only the tragic incident that makes an impact, it’s the lifelong trauma and suffering for friends and family following it.

    I wish you and your family all the best for the future and really mean when I say I can’t wait to see you again soon in Flagstaff Arizona!

    Still holding down the fort in sunny Scotland! xx

  2. I do not have the words to express my feelings to you about your beautiful son and tragic loss. I have two sons of my own and cannot imagine finding the strength to go on if I were to lose either of them. I will take the pledge and carry the message to those I can. I hope, pray and wish for your continued strength and a thousand blessings for all the friends and family that lost their Batman.

  3. Was informed from Ariel Leonard’s post, so very empathetic for your loss, I make it a point to ask people when they call, “Are you driving?” if so, i ask them to pull over and chat or WAIT until later. The earpiece phones are Just as distracting, NO multi-tasking while driving is the best way to travel safely. God bless you.

  4. Dear Rachel – You are very special to my daughter Caitlin, one of your students. She has told me that you are an amazing person. She had reiterated stories about little Zaddii, or shall I say Batman, long before the tragic accident. The community of love surrounding you and praying that you can feel brave, is expansive and wide.

  5. My prayers are out for your family. I met Rachel through education. When I met her she was pregnant with Zaadi. I have a grandson his age, who is also a batman. My tears are drpping as I type this message. Rita Tso

  6. Aloha sweet family,
    May your days be filled with family and connection and warmth and love. May the strength of the lion be with you. Know I am praying with you each day and have many moments of being with Zaadii and connecting with the preschool and reveling in his peace, centeredness, and joy of learning and doing. You are amazing family and we could see that in our connection with you all. We have deep respect and love for you all and until we meet again know our spirits are with you and trying as best we know how to lend strength and peace.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about this horrible loss. Sending healing and comforting prayers. My thoughts are with you. Much love.

  8. Dear Rachel and Francis, I can feel your wonderful child Zaadii in the wind, in the sky and in the water. His spirit will always be alive. I will support the Zaadii Fund and this website with everything I can. You have my heart and positive energy. Your brother Kiril.

  9. We are friends of Megan and Grainne and kept vigil here in CA when we first heard about your precious Zaadii. Words fall short–but suffice to say, we are sending love and prayers to you and your family across time and space. We will carry him in our hearts. We are BATMAN! <3

  10. Sending much positivity your way. I did not know Zaadii, but my heart breaks every time I see a photo of his beautiful face. I also find strength in knowing his loss will help raise awareness! Since hearing of the tragedy I’ve been so much more aware of my surroundings (both as a pedestrian and a driver). xoxo

  11. SO MUCH LOVE for this magnificent, courageous, inspiring and truly beautiful family!!!! And SO MUCH THANKS for this wonderful website!!! Zaadii’s Gift of joy and delight in just being alive lives on in all who know him and his beloved family….that is his legacy, and we are honored to carry it forward in his name. His tragic passing leaves an immense and aching hole in countless hearts….but it also gifts us with the inspiration and determination that he did not die in vain. We must now act with determination that this precious child will save many lives and create much happiness for countless others; individuals who will now live because of the heightened awareness arising in our community, and beyond, that when we are behind the wheel of ANY vehicle, we hold both our own lives and the lives of others in the balance. We all must develop Zaadii Eyes….wide open, bright, shining…and always cherish and be grateful for Life!

  12. Much love to the Tso Family in this time of healing! I hope this website helps in that process! It is a work in progress and I look forward to helping it grow as your plans for the Zaadii Fund grow!

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